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Sgt Mattie.

The Late Late Show


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The Blog is Late This Week!
That seems to be the story of my life at the moment.

I am busy working on the film Calvary this week. Actually as I write I am in my hotel room waiting for the driver to arrive to pick me up and bring me to set. It sounds very Hollywood and rock and roll to have a driver roll up to the front of the hotel and whisk you off to set, but you could also write 'a man is sent to Shortts hotel to make sure he's up and get him into wardrobe on time'!

You see it's cheaper to send a car than to have a crowd of people getting paid to stand around on set waiting while I am in a kebab stained bed sleeping off the night before (not that I ever have but I might). Anyway I am not going to say too much about the film or else I may give some of the story away.

And that wouldn't be right.

Only that while on set the other day I looked at Aidan Gillen and Killian Scott, the mix of the costumes, and the set, and it all looked really cool. Even I looked very nearly cool in my costume and in the part of the set that I was in too, but the boys were REALLY cooking.

At the risk of sounding like a pre-school girl at a dress up party I am going to stop now.

Other than that I was doing a press day to promote the national 'I Am The Band' tour and the Vicar St gigs that are coming up soon. I'm really enjoying being back on the road. There are several great festivals that I'll be gigging at such as the Bulmers Comedy Festivals in Galway and Clonmel, and the Wexford Spiegeltent Festival too.

I'm also really looking forward to the forthcoming Fresh Laughs event. It is on the 14th of November in the Belltable Arts Centre in Limerick (and the poster is on the front page of this website).

It's my first time on the stage in the Belltable in years and it's my favorite venue in the country.

Partly because the great Brid Dukes used to run it in the days when I was a kid and I used to give a hand around there all the time. It was the gig to do in Limerick for years, and Gerry Barnes is in there now so on and upwards.

I'm on the board of Fresh Film, which is a film festival for young people (look it up on line,at to save me going on about it). We have a great line up for the gig and it is also going to be a great party night after the show, so put that in your calendar!

That's my car arriving I must go. Talk next week after todays
day of filming and a show I am doing in Moate over the weekend. As usual, I will have lots to talk about.