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Sgt Mattie.

The Late Late Show


Pat is proud to support
Power 4 Good Ireland
The Tour begins in Kilkenny!
Hope you like the photo on the front page of the web that links to this blog. I was just introducing Kilkenny to next years' All Ireland Winners!

So the Tour has begun and we're off to a rocking start. We opened the Live Show in The Set Theatre, Kilkenny last Saturday night. The theatre is part of
Langton's Hotel and it's a great spot to visit.

It was an amazing night and one of the best gigs I have done in years. I was down early with Art and Dave, the two engineers to get things right.

So it was a long day, but the lads were great and when we realized that we had forgotten the camera to project on to the screen at the back of the stage so as the people in the balcony could see what I was doing, there was no panic.

Art came up with a great idea. We got an app onto the laptop and iPad called "Airbeam". It allowed us to set up the iPad as a camera and beam the picture to the laptop and then we ran a cable to the projector and screened it on to the back of the stage. A small bit grainy but with a few tweaks it got us out of a hole. Amazing.

I am always blown away by good technicians and their attitude. Both Dave and Art were never phased. They embraced the problem and came up with a great solution which was exciting.

I also love using what technology is available to us and being creative with it. There is alot to be said for all that gear. Sometimes we go on and on about what a laptop or other bit of gear can do, but we never get a chance to put it to the test.

So we were up and running with the show and about five minutes into it when my voice went. Unfortunately there is no App for that, you only push the volume and hope for the best. I got through it because the audience were great and I didn't have a choice.

It reminded me of the Cat's Laugh festival also in Kilkenny years ago. Deirdre O'Kane and myself were doing a run of shows together and the last night of the festival they asked us to do a show to finish the festival on the Monday night.

I partied a bit hard on the Sunday night (as did everyone else) because it was the last day of the festival. The following night I arrived to the venue hardly able to talk.

I met Deirdre back stage and asked her if she would mind doing and extra ten minutes so I could cut my show down because of my voice. In a broken
whisper she told me to F@@K Off. I burst out laughing. She was worse than me. She could hardly talk. We struggled through the night like comedy chipmunks. I should have learnt my lesson.