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I Will in Me Politics - Pat Shortt

Councillor Maurice Hickey is a leader in his community, a man who gets things done in the parishes of Killdicken, Honetyne and Glengooley (mostly relating to blocked drains, mad dogs, parish festivals and the occasional romantic dalliance). A hilarious account of local politics from Pat Shortt's legendary creation, Councillor Hickey. Read this diary and watch a man wade through one self-made mess after another. This first installment of the Maurice Hickey Diaries has proved a huge success with Mrs Hickey (the Mother) 'I wouldn't use it to kill bluebottles', Pa Quirke (the Postman) 'Our teacher used to say that Maurice had a way with words. The rest of us just call him a feckin' liar', and Tom Walshe (Publican) 'This book is written by a man who rarely pays for his own porter. Please buy a copy and it might enourage him to buy a round'.

Cures, Hoors & Floating Voters - Pat Shortt

Councillor Maurice Hickey returns, a man of spare parts with few of them in working order. What happens when this ordinary, decent councillor is elevated to the office of Mayor of the county? The rumbling mayhem that characterises Hickey's everyday life is catapulted onto a bigger stage and draws in a whole new range of unsuspecting victims. The hilarious sequel to the best selling 'I Will in Me Politics'. Volume II of Councillor Hickey's diaries received the following reviews: 'Welcomed by citizens who found the last book extremely useful as a place to lay a hot teapot', (Lilly Mac, postmistress), and 'If it's worse than the last one he should get a feckin' award for it' (Tom Cantwell).