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Sgt Mattie.

The Late Late Show


Pat is proud to support
Power 4 Good Ireland
1st May 2020

The Joys of Tay

I like my pint but Im also a lover of tea

There is nothing that cannot be sorted
Sweetened or made go away
By the sound of a kettle rumbling to boil
And the scent of a fresh pot of tay

In its time it has azed all discomforts
Lumbago thrombosis and plague
It has flattened the furrows on many a brow
And brought some people back from the grave

Since first it came this way from China
By Portuguese monks so they say
The Brits fell in love with its taste and aroma
Drinking gallons of it night and day

They tried to force us to be like them
In this and in all kinds of ways
While resisting their cricket their Kings and their Queens
We gave in when it came to the tay

We didnt quite care where it came
Darjeeling Hong Kong or Zhangzhou
It was put in a pot and served steaming hot
And for sweetness well one lump or two

It has heeded no class creed or blood group
Neither palate nor palace elites
Twas enjoyed by the Queen all alone on her throne
And the man diggin holes in the street

In Ireland it marked all occasions
Obsequies nuptials and news
From the birth of a calf to the death of a dog
It salved and succoured and soothed

So lets all raise a toast to our teapots
And the tay that is brewing therein
The Donald or Brexit wont faze us
Nor that wily old Russian Putin

Just put on the kettle to rumble
To boil off the cares of the day
Reach up for the caddy and scald out the pot
You wont bate a good cup a tay