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Sgt Mattie.

The Late Late Show


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Mattie 2009 - 2011

All about Mattie

After his transfer from a sleepy country beat to a busy city Garda Station, Mattie is partnered with feisty detective Sharon Kelly(Lesley Conroy). Bringing his own unique perspective to crime solving, the hapless Mattie always manages to get the job done, despite regularly rubing people up the wrong way.
His success only adds to the frustration of Superintendent O'Meara (Joe Taylor) who has it in for Mattie, while smug fellow detectives, Tom and Felix (Alvaro Lucchesi and Sean McDonagh ) constantly try to put him down.
Add to the mix Mattie's developing relationship with Sharon, a demanding mother, and a rogues gallery of criminals and misfits and you have the reciepe for an hilarious comedy drama.

Following the long-running success of Killinaskully, and the success of last years Mattie,Series I, Pat Shortt returns to light up our television screens in...

SGT Mattie;
It's not long before Sgt. Mattie instigates all manner of comic action and situations from car chases with TV crews to post office raids, and from undercover stake-outs to foiling armed robbers at the local Credit Union.

Along the way he develops a comically tense relationship with the resident Garda Sergeant, Fonsy Sullivan (Andrew Bennett). His plans always seem to drag in his long-suffering sister Phyllis (Sue Collins). Other locals, such as feisty post mistress Mrs. Early (Gina Moxley), publicans Mary Elizabeth Carr (Marie McDermottroe) and her hen-pecked husband Ned (Donagh Deeney), and eccentric resident Margaret Heffernan (Mary Harvey) all add to a rich ensemble of characters who create the unique comic world of Sgt. Mattie.

Filmed in Co. Tipperary & Co. Limerick, Sgt MATTIE was written by Pat Shortt, Mike Finn & David Cummings (The Fast Show, Harry Enfield & Chums). It is produced by Pat Shortt & Brian Kelly.

The Crystal Ball

Award winning comedian and actor Pat Shortt appeared to great acclaim in Inside The Crystal Ball, which aired over the Christmas season 2009. This 'mockumentary' followed the fortunes of community radio presenter Christy Ball, and his long-suffering wife, Maura.

Filmed in Limerick and Tipperary in November and December 2009, the show is a behind-the-scenes look at Newtown Community Radio featuring the offbeat musings and philosophies of its founder and chief presenter. Starring Pat Shortt as Christy Ball and Sue Collins as his wife and producer, Inside The Crystal Ball also aired the sometimes unorthodox views of Christy's legion of phone-in fans as they respond to radio items such as 'The Ball Hop', 'The Crystal Ball' and 'Breaking Ball'.

Outside the studio, the programme highlighted the many campaigns that Christy and Maura instigate to improve their community and show a more reflective Christy fishing or working on his beloved poetry. Reminiscent of Pat Shortt's hilarious 'mockumentary' Maurice Hickey Rockin' de Vote, Behind The Crystal Ball is produced by Gable End Media and written by Killinaskully's writing team of Pat Shortt and Mike Finn.