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Fresh from the UK,Australian and US tours of his award-winning show, “Selfie” (“Dangerously funny”-onstageblog.com, New York). Pat returns with a brand new show, “HOW´S TINGS”. In a night of music and mayhem, Ireland’s most popular comedian takes a uniquely hilarious look at Irish life.

“HOW´S TINGS” feature a variety of characters including “Eugene Mulumby”, (chairman of every organization in the town),formidable nun “Sister Ulkaria” and the philosophical Stop/Go man,all of whom talk about tings. Big tings and little tings. Personal tings and tings that are not so personal. Important international tings and tings that only affect the parish.

Recently seen on TV screens in the acclaimed “Smalltown” and having appeared in the recent new film “The Flag”,Pat takes a break from screen appearances to return to the comedy circuit. “HOW´S TINGS” is not be missed.

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