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television FATHER TED Season 1 Episode 1: Good Luck Father Ted A TV crew arrive to interview Ted, but his dreams of becoming a celebrity are shattered by the presence of Jack and Dougal. watch on rte player VIEW ON IMDB

television MATTIE A garda from a small rural village moves to Dublin City and must adjust to life as a big-time garda, with hilarious results VIEW ON IMDB

television SMALLTOWN Conor, a young twenty something in rural Ireland emigrates to London but has to come to terms with his family back home when tragedy occurs. watch on youtube VIEW ON IMDB

television Pat Shortt’s Entertainment From D’Telly Season 4 Episode 04 The comedian and actor presents more entertainment highlights from the RTÉ archives, featuring comedy high-jinks, musical performances, and hidden-camera crackers. watch on rte player VIEW ON IMDB

television Inside the Crystal Ball Pat Shortt’s mockumentary follows the fortunes of community radio presenter Christy Ball, and his long-suffering wife VIEW on rte

television KILLINASKULLY Season 4 Episode 06: The Wedding Catherine returns from her travels and agrees to be Dieter’s bride, but with fighting in-laws and Timmy in charge of the rings, it will be a miracle if they ever get hitched. watch on rte player VIEW ON IMDB

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